Lázaro Visits the USA!

Lázaro meets many of his supporters here in the USA, who have helped provide the funding for his school in Nicaragua over the last 3 years.

It was Lázaro’s lifelong dream to visit the USA! So we decided when his Visa was approved to design an epic trip he’d never forget. Lázaro flew into San Francisco where Ben drove out from Colorado to pick him up for a road trip! Ben and Lázaro met up with Matt, and for the first time in 13 years the 3 amigos were back together! The road trip then traveled from LA, to Vegas and back to Colorado. Lázaro had a lot of first times… saw the biggest buildings he’d every seen in his life in Las Vegas, even gambling $2 in a casino slot machine! He touched snow for the first time, went to his first major league baseball game, and hiked up Mount Sanitas in Boulder. It was a wonderful adventure and it only deepened all of our friendships with Lázaro and inspired us even more to keep working hard on our project to improve children’s lives and education in Nicaragua, with plans to grow our project and build it into a registered non profit!