1st Semester Presentation, 2018

Over 4 years, we have raised $7,700 to provide nourishment and school supplies for our school in Nicaragua! We presented teachers and volunteer parents with certificates, and a big check to the school to commemorate our achievements thus far.

Wow – what a beginning to 2018! Finally, after four years supporting our school in Nicaragua, three of our board members were able to visit and meet the students, teachers, community, and island where the school is located! We had a party to celebrate all of our successes, and brought a giant suitcase of school supplies to leave with the school for their 2018 academic year. It was great to get a first-hand evaluation to see the successes and opportunities of the school. We were so thankful for the opportunity to enjoy time with the Isla Zapatera community, and even more motivated and inspired to continue donating, and making a bigger impact on these kids lives.

Ben taught the students how to play duck duck goose… “Pato pato ganzo!”
We were excited to leave students with a whole suitcase of school supplies!
Many parents watched through the windows as we distributed food and drinks to the kids for our party. It was a hot day and we packed the entire school of 70 students into this one classroom to celebrate!