Annual Presentation, 2019

Health Initiative 2019

School Supplies and Nutritious Foods, and a New White Board!

Message from Lázaro:

Good afternoon dear friends!

It is a pleasure to have this meeting with you. First of all I want to thank you for being part of Lazaro Project.

I thank you for working in this noble Project, I thank you for being builders of the future of many children in my country who have received your support. Lázaro Project has been of great impact in every body of the children of Denis Martínez School.

Since 2015, children have received food, educational materials, school bags, uniforms, shoes and this year was of great impact on the health side, thanks to their support the children had personalized medical attention they were wormed, vitaminized , and received basic medicines for health. They received toothpastes and toothbrushes, during medical attention we found children with low weight and many parasites, now that problem was resolved.

My country is currently experiencing a crisis that is 19 months, started in April 2018, since then life is very difficult, thousands of people are unemployed, hundreds of companies closed, more than 150 thousand people have emigrated to other countries looking for a job, In many homes the people get only for a meal time.
Dear friends, I hope you continue to supporting our children.

Today more than ever they need your support, I wish Lazaro Project could grow and to help more schools and children in my country.

God bless you, a hug to all.

Lázaro García.